PNG optimization from the command line


First step…install pngquant

If you’re on MacOS, simply do:

brew install pngquant

Running pngquant

The next step is to run pngquant on all your files you wish to optimize.

For example, if I have my .png files in my app/assets/images directory, I would do the following:

cd app/assets/images

# Grab all png's by recursing through current directory.
# Quality and speed can be adjusted to personal needs.
# this is what I use.
pngquant ./**/*.png -quality 65-80 -speed 1

This will generate a bunch of files with the -fs8.png suffix like so:

├── file-1.png
├── file-1-fs8.png
├── file-2.png
├── file-2-fs8.png
├── file-3.png
├── file-3-fs8.png
├── file-4.png
└── file-4-fs8.png

Im sure theres a way to have pngquant overwrite your files, but this lets me do an easy comparison of before / after sizes. Then I’ll rename the newly optimized files to overwrite their original file.

Bash Command

This is the command I use to rewrite all my newly optimized images to overwrite their parent. Use with caution :)

for FILE in ./**/*-fs8.png; do original=${FILE%%-fs8.png}; mv "$FILE" "$original.png"; done

Pulling it all together

Quick easy command to do it all at once.

pngquant ./**/*.png -quality 65-80 -speed 1
for FILE in ./**/*-fs8.png; do original=${FILE%%-fs8.png}; mv "$FILE" "$original.png"; done

By using this method, I managed to get my ~2-4mb PNGs in a site I’m working on down to ~100-400kb.

Thats it! May your png’s be forever optimized!